How do I find my Token

You can copy your Token from the tray menu.

If you run headless (aka with --no-gui), you can get your Token using the CLI to output your Token or by reading the application startup logs. These can be found in the local application data directory under timmo001/systembridge.

Accessing logs

You can access logs via the system tray icon or via the CLI.

Home Assistant / I cannot connect to System Bridge

  • Check your firewall. You may need to allow System Bridge through your firewall.
    • When you first run System Bridge on Windows with Microsoft Defender, you should get a prompt to allow it through your firewall. If you don’t see this prompt, you should manually add an exception.
  • Check your token. Make sure you have the correct token.
  • Check your hostname / IP address. Make sure you are using the correct address to connect to System Bridge.

I’d like to contribute to the project

There are many ways to contribute to this project. You don’t have to know how to code to do so.

  • You can discuss your ideas and use cases in the Discussions area of the GitHub Repository.
  • You can open an issue to report a bug or suggest a new feature in the Issues area of the GitHub Repository.
  • You can open a pull request to fix a bug or implement a new feature.
  • You can also contribute to the website GitHub repository here.

I have a question or need help with something

If you have a question, or would like to discuss features etc., go to the Discussions area of the GitHub Repository.