You can run the application from the shortcut in your start menu / applications called System Bridge.


Linux users can also run the application from the terminal. This is useful for debugging and reporting startup issues.



To enable autostart, open settings via the system tray icon, enable autostart and click the save icon. The application will now be added to startup.

No GUI / Headless

If you want to run the application without a GUI, you can use the following command:

systembridge --no-gui

Systemd Service

Here is an example systemd service. This runs as root, so you will need to have run the install commands as root for this to run.

Description=System Bridge

ExecStart=/usr/bin/systembridge --no-gui



The token is essential to connect to the API/WebSocket. You can copy this using the tray menu, or reading the logs after starting the application (useful if running headless or with --no-gui).

You can also use the CLI which is provided by the systembridgecli package which you will need to install Python first before

python -m pip install --upgrade systembridgecli
python -m systembridgecli token

To reset your token, run this command:

python -m systembridgecli token --reset